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18 years of Zos Kias!

Happy 18 years! Zos Kias began online July 10th, 2006! Sketches of character designs and more were done as early as 2004, but it wasn’t until 2006 that it started as a webcomic officially~ During my college days, ironically, I had more free time suddenly and decided to do a webcomic in breaks between classes. I have learned a LOT since then…

This year will bring even more upgraded designs! Storywise, only one big story arc is left…! That’s right, Zos Kias has ALWAYS had an ending! it will still be a few more years for us to reach it, of course, but we are heading that way!

To celebrate, join me on a Facebook event and later Twitch, for lots of chances to win prizes!

Click on the image above! Runs July 14th from 11:00 am to 7:00 PM CST~

Thank you for all your support! Here’s to many more!

Mission 2 Update

That’s right…all the way back to Mission 2, lol. But I’ve been redrawing the older pages for the color version and it would be a shame not to upload them here, too. There have been some major changes over the course for obvious reasons…like I can sorta draw hands now and bgs lol.

I still have the others to upload but will be moving slowly doing them. Thanks!

Zos Kias Joins Superverse for Holiday Comic!

For those who have missed your chance for it, you can now officially grab the Antarctic Press Superverse Holiday Festivus from their store directly! It includes a 16-pg Zos Kias original story in there as well! You might still be order it from your local comic shop, but you can also check out the AP website.

The story features the one and only adorable Lily! Just a cute, simple story about her during Christmas. PLUS, Micah’s first official appearance in Zos Kias took place here!

You can get it directly from Antarctic Press here.

It’s definitely been a treat seeing it in print! To check if it’s still available from your local store for order, here’s the link to the Previews.

And of course, the story itself is also available as a perk for being a member of my Patreon!