The gateways between each dimension are very dangerous. When left alone, creatures of all worlds can break free, tearing into the human’s dimension. To protect these gateways, and these worlds, the Ordo Templi Orientis created an organization of “Gatekeepers” spread throughout each world.

Zos Kias is just one of these many organizations in our world. Located in the Warwickshire of England (near to Warwick), Zos Kias is a small group of less than one hundred members. Because of their size, they work as “garbage collectors,” taking care of any creature that makes it through to our world. The organization is unique in its makeup; humans from all over and even some non-humans add to its mystery. The members of Zos Kias work off the radar, keeping these creatures, and their magic, from normal human eyes.

Mizuno Umishin is just one of these many members. For years, he has been anxiously awaiting his partner. When he finally gets his wish, his new partner may be more than he can handle! Can Light and Umishin learn to get along long enough to work as real partners?

From vampires to new magick users, there is never any time for breaks! But, the fighting is the easiest part about it…

Join in twice a week (on Sunday and Monday) to follow Umishin and Light’s adventures as they learn how to get along andjust what being a member of Zos Kias is all about…

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