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Nom de Plum: Sanzaki Kojika

Name: Fawn Szymoniak

Bio: Working under the name “Kojika,” Fawn has been doing art for years. While Zos Kias is her first, and longest running webcomic, she also worked on other titles including the short lived “Project Pantheon,” “Dead Men Tell no Tales,” and “Avarous” in conjunction with another writer, and the haphazardly completed “Five Golden Rings: Boku no Kiseki,” which will be getting a revision and printed in an anthology book “Ai wa Kantan Nanka Ja Nai!” in late 2015 or 2016.  She is currently employed part time at a print shop, as well as teaching art at a local art gallery in NW Indiana. She also does some freelance work, varying from art to graphic design even to cosplay. She loves to keep busy!

Honors & Awards: Featured Artist at NMA Con 2010

Other works: “Kappa to Ieba” (ongoing print-only manga); “Desert Tracer” (one shot manga, print only); “Fall of the Dragon Trilogy” (three part novel series, print only, book 3 to be released end of 2015)


E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: s.kojika
AIM: UkyoTheOkoElf
Kojika @ DeviantArt
Sanzaki_Kojika @ Twitter
Sanzaki Kojika @ Facebook
SKojika @ Tumblr
Kojika @ Pixiv (日本語)

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