Zos Kias 12th Year Anniversary Contest is live!

There are two different categories to enter-

1) Art Contest!

*Must include at least one Zos Kias character.
*May include multiple characters, but will count as only one entry
*May submit up to three pieces of art.
*All forms of media accepted. These include, but not limited to- digital art; traditional art; writing; photography; costume; crafting; sculpting; and more.


2) Character Q&A!
Submit questions to your favorite characters!

*Submit one question at a time, and to only one character.
*May submit up to five different questions (can be to same or different character). The same question may not be resubmitted as an entry, even if it’s for a different character.
*Questions will be answered at Kojika’s discretion. Anything containing potentially spoiler information in the answer will not be answered. Questions that are rude or offensive will not be answered.


DEADLINE: June 30th


*Real Name
*Preferred Online Handle (if none, you will be referred to as First Name, Last Initial for any announcements)
*E-mail Address
*Your Entry
(if question, include who it is addressed to; if art, include which character(s) are included)
*If You Are Able to Submit a Mailing Address (please do NOT include the address at this time. This is for prize purposes ONLY. If you cannot submit a mailing address, you will only be eligible for digital prizes)


Prizes: Copies of Zos Kias volume 11, bookmarks, keychains, original art

*prizes subject to change*



Art Contest entries will receive two entries into drawing, per entry. Q&A submissions will receive one entry per question. Dependent on the number of entries into the drawing, a number winners will be chosen from random lottery. The more entries, the more prizes that will be given away.

Art Contest entries will also have a chance to receive a prize based on their entry itself. Kojika will judge all of the art entries and choose 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners who will receive a prize. Winners still have a chance for additional prizes via the drawing. If there are a large amount of entries in the art contest, additional prizes may be added