This was sent to me by my old DM from that DnD group I was in once upon a time.  Basically, sorta like a DnD/Zos Kias crossover, lol. Anyways! Pretty fun, give it a read :3

It’s 18 January, 2016 and as I wandered the Interwebs I ran into the legendary Sanzaki Kojika, ten year writer of Zos Kias a manga she writes, illiterates and so on. The works! Given the task to write some fan fiction. I thought I’d give it a shot. Here goes!

Zos Kias Fanfic!

Lillian Reinard, picked up the phone in her office. Lillian Reinard looked to be a young woman in her twenties with two purple ponytails one either side of her pale face. Pointed ears and more pointy teeth marked her as a vampire-bat Youkai, sometimes known as demons to the uneducated. Short black webbed bat wings peeked out of her purple and black dress, and Lillian swiveled in her chair to place her purple high heeled shoes on the giant axe casually leaning against the back wall of her office.

“Hello Mattag! How are things? What?!?!?” She slammed down the receiver and bounced out of the office and down the hallway, wings adding a bit of lift to carry her swiftly to the couch where Kazehiko slept. “ Kazehiko! Wake up! Mattag needs help!”

Kazehiko sat up and rubbed at his eyes. Kazehiko appeared to be a normal looking human, until one saw the cat ears on top of his head that is. Kazehiko looked up at his boss Lillian and said “What’s up Lillian-san? Another mission for the great Zos Kias?

“We need your friend Sovaibun Awmothaagh! Mattag is under attack!”

“Sovaibun? He doesn’t really do monster slaying. Is it a ghost?” Kazehiko said “We haven’t had a good ghost in a while!” “You see, some times a youkai or elemental being can manifest as a ghost, but the real truth is…”

“I know the truth behind ghosts in this world!” Lillian Reinard said, axe suddenly in hand and waved about for emphasis. “Send Sovaibun to Galubheart!”

Kazehiko cartwheeled off the couch and scattered. “Lillian-san means business!”

Kazehiko left the Zos Kias HQ and sprinted across the county near Warwickshire, England. After racing to a large field bare of all but grass and one more thing – a large looking ancient tree. Climbing the certain large tree with mystic looking symbols traced lightly in the bark, he pulled a strange device from his backpack – a long curved ram’s horn that had been hollowed out. Putting it to his lips, Kazehiko blew into the horn, adding a small bit of wind with his powers.

The solemn sounding note rang out, and after time Kazehiko felt a presence behind him.

“Sovaibun Awmothaagh greets you, Wind-friend.”

Kazehiko’s fur raced up and down his back, but he knew what he would see when he turned around. Like something out of a Kung-Fu movie, a dark skinned man wearing simple spun wool clothes balanced on one foot at the end of a single branch. On his back was a pack made of wool from which another Shofar, or Ram’s horn protruded.

“As you know Sovaibun, Zos Kias is a small group formed to be one of the many chains of Gatekeepers from our world. I called you here because another Gatekeeper group is under attack in a way that only you can help!” said Kazehiko as he attempted to also balance on one branch.

“Right now the Gatekeeper group called the Gemloved are hunting vampires that are hiding in caves on the small island of Malta. The Gemloved are composed mostly of power users that can use Earth powers and Youkai called Dao, which are of course once thought to be genies that live under the earth the enslave people to mine rices for them.”

Sovaibun Awmothaagh nodded. He knew all of this beforehand, though it sometimes seemed quicker to let Kazehiko say all that he would say.

“So” Kazehiko continued, “the vampires put some kind of whammy on Dao Mattag, leader of the Gemloved, and now he claims to be getting sneak attacked by some of the vampires he’s already destroyed! No one else sees the departed vampires, so I thought that with your special powers from your elemental being…”

“…I can put them to rest.” Sovaibun Awmothaagh finished. Sovaibun sighed, and he leapt from the tree to land lightly below on the grass. “Let’s go”.

Time passed, and the two power users traveled for an hour and a half on Chiltern Railways to Birmingham where Kazehiko left Sovaibun Awmothaagh to take a four hour plane flight to Malta International Airport. From there Sovaibun Awmothaagh ranswiftly for an hour to the northwest, ending up near the Maltese city of Birkirkara.

The city of Birkirkara was a hilly modern looking city of 22,000 (a bit smaller than the town of Schererville, Indiana if you know that town) with many four story brown stone apartment buildings.

At the address Sovaibun Awmothaagh was given he saw an apartment building that led into innocuous apartments. The apartment Sovaibun entered swiftly led to a stone stairway in lieu of a living room fireplace or TV stand, going down farther into the earth.

Speaking in halting Maltese to the other members of the Gemloved, “Be careful! He’s gone mad!” and “He’s down here Sovaibun! Thanks for coming!”, Sovaibun at last after nearly a day’s travel across sky and stone reached the door to a large room deep in the earth, golden plated dors leading to the planning room of the Gemloved.

Inside was a creature from the Arabian nights, a full on genie with silk turban, vest, parachute pants and slippers.

Sovaibun Awmothaagh was only a bit over five and a half feet tall, and Dao Mattag, leader of the Gemloved must be around 7 feet tall, wide eyes taking in the wool spun figure of Sovaibun Awmothaagh, salt from spittle on the corners of Mattag’s lips and mustache.

“So we meet at last, Wind user. Can your Being do what Xorn cannot?” spoke Dao Mattag in Maltese as he sat on the throne like chair at the head of a twelve foot long office table. As he did so, Sovaibun noticed a fantastic creature standing only three feet tall looking out from behind one of the other dozen large chairs situated around the table.

The creature was Dao Mattag’s earth Being, a barrel shaped body with a trilateral radial symmetry, three arms, legs, and eyes spaced around its torso. The mouth is located at the top of it’s body. Dao Mattag called him Xorn.

“We will see” spoke Sovaibun Awmothaagh as he reached into his pack and brought forth his Shofer. A wind moved through the room where it was silent before, and as Sovaibun began a solemn melody, a bird’s haunting, almost wicked sounding call sounded in counterpoint.

Sticking it’s head out of he bag of Sovaibun was a small green bird whose head moved to check the acoustics of the room. As it sang and played, Kazehiko’s face seemed to appear in the mind’s eye of Sovaibun.

“Sovaibun Awmothaagh’s power comes from a contract with the elemental wind Being Nue, the bird that sings at night! His special magic is called the “Threnody” and it can use his naural music talents to calm unsound minds and even banish some Youkai back to their world!” Kazehiko seemed to say.

The Xorn wavered and Dao Mattag began to thrash as images of ghostly vampire began to fill the room, connected to Mattag by a blood red cord.

The horn and bird song started a series of dischordant notes, and at the end of each round a blood red cord would snap, causing the vampire to fade away. After a time, each one faded and Mattag seemd to be at peace.

Sovaibun Awmothaagh sat down at one of the chairs and drew a silver sickle from his bag.

With a quiet voice he said “Now where are those vampires?”