Zos Kias Members

Defensive Department

Name: Light
Age: 18
Guardian: Raijin, Rank 3
Element: Wind (Lightning)

Name: Randy Georges
Age: 20
Guardian: Hagane, rank 3
Element: Earth (Metal)

Name: Megumi (Delphi)
Age: 19
Guardian: Niflheim, rank 3
Element: Water (Ice)

Name: Trevor Higgins
Age: 26
Guardian: Hiei, rank 4
Element: Fire
Name: Mizuno Umishin
Age: 19
Guardian: Crystal, Rank 3
Element: Water

Name: Fredonia Manchester
Age: 23
Guardian: Calanthe, rank 4
Element: Earth

Name: Taisho Ryouga
Age: 21
Guardian: Fenrir, rank 3
Element: Fire
Name: Natasha Henderson
Age: 20
Guardian: Fuujin, rank 2
Element: Wind

Name: Carter (Renee Julian Carter)
Age: 26
Guardian: Entei, rank 4
Element: Fire

Name: Tessa Macintosh
Age: 23
Guardian: Set, rank 3
Element: Wind


Name: Lillian Reinard
Title: Commander
Age: At least 684
Guardian: Dagda, rank 2
Element: Earth (Stone)

Name: Nina Franklin
Title: Head of Research
Age: 22
Guardian: Salacia, rank 1
Element: Water
Name: Kazehiko
Title: Second-in-Command
Age: 45 (aprox 12 in human)
Guardian: Kagura, rank 1
Element: Wind

Names: Carcer and Tutela
Job: Prison Guards
Powers: Wards, combination scythe
Name: Taisho Houren
Title: Head of Defense
Age: 29

Research Department

Name: Lily Weiser-Aall
Age: 14
Guardian: Lilavati, rank 4
Element: Darkness

Name: Leo
Age: 29
Job: Bioengineer, Lead Researcher

Name: Xenia
Age: 22
Job: Lab Tech
Name: Jake
Age: 19
Guardian: Angelica, rank 2
Element: Light

Name: Keowee Hopkins
Age: 25
Job: Bioengineer
Name: Peorth
Age: 16
Guardian: Midorino, rank 2
Element: Earth

Name: Remy
Age: 23
Job: Lab Tech

Covenant of the Luna

Name: Kallik
Job: Technology and Special Force Operation Manager
Power: Void, super strength

Name: Emma
Power: ?
Name: Altan
Element: Fire

Name: Lavendar
Known Power: Speed, Jumping
Name: Trap
Race: Cyclops Ogre

Name: Maggie
Known Power: Teleporting

Lunae Liberi

Name: Arkola
Race: Vampire
Name: Neoga
Race: Vampire

The Covenant

Name: Arkola
Race: Vampire
Name: Neoga
Race: Vampire

Other Characters

Name: Virdian
Age: 21
Element: Earth (Poison)
Guardian: Blossom, rank 3
Former member of Covenant of the Luna

Name: Kola
Job: Second Commander of Tokyo Branch
Power: Uses ofuda scrolls, and more

Name: Seira
Race: Mermaid
Friend of Light's
Name: Ryoma
Age: 16
Element: Lightning
Former member of Research

Name: Kuronin
Job: Head of the Tokyo Branch

Name: Storm
Age: 23
Element: Lightning
Guardian: Raikou, rank 4
Job: Assistant to Nessie
Light's Older Brother
Name: Kyoutarou
Job: Freelancer
Power: Bear Lycanthrope

Name: Chocolat
Job: Tokyo Branch Secretary

Name: Nessie
Job: Guardian of Gate in Scotland