Kickstarter Coming To End

The Zos Kias Kickstarter for volume 13 is coming up to the final days! 9 days left to get your chance at exclusive rewards plus get a chance to snag volume 13 before anyone else!

You can find the project on Kickstarter

There are lots of exclusive rewards start at only $5! We are 66% of the way there, just $180 to go! Any help and support is greatly appreciated.

If we go over the amount, too, there are a lot of fun stretch goals that add more rewards!

And for those who already have part of the series, but are missing parts, there are add ons that can be added after the project closes.

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Zos Kias, Volume 14. The next installment in the ongoing webcomic. A rough fight against a necromancer and Lillian's backstory!