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I figured today I’d just go with a rather simple topic. I’m going to talk a bit about some of my favorite genres, and some of my least favorite genres. Just sort of all over the place, but genres are on my mind since I start teaching online classes tomorrow.


This one is probably pretty obvious. I love fantasy genre. I grew up in a house surrounded by fantasy books, so it’s not surprising they became my biggest taste. Most of my writing reflects this in some vein. The most appealing thing about it all to me is that this genre really lets you escape from reality. Fantasy worlds build up around you and you find yourself immersed in places you can never visit and sometimes never even dreamed of. Impossible things happen but don’t seem impossible.

I’m also a huge fan of dragons, so that makes fantasy even better. Did you notice how many of my books feature dragons so far? Not all of them will, but I’m sure I have plenty more in the future that will…

Science Fiction

This one is a bit more…sketchy. I do love some science fiction, but I am much more likely to be picky with this genre. lately, I haven’t really read anything that falls under it at all, though I’ve been watching the Gundam series, so that does fall under it.

For science fiction, I love the impossibility and technological advances that are dreamed up, but sometimes the politics can really pull it down. I love strong stories with a strong cast first and foremost, and I find that often, sci-fi stories fall short on this.

I do love stories with giant robots, or mecha, especially. And I love the ones that touch on the humanity in things that should normally be inhumane. I mean, hell, I once played a roomba in a sci-fi game… I actually have some sci-fi stories I may write at some point, but they will probably just be one shots or short stories.


Aaah, I love a good mystery! I have been huge into Sherlock Holmes and Ellery Queen since I was a child (as those were also books my mother had around our house). Recently, I have a strange fascination with Edogawa Ranpo’s mysteries as well. The best part of a mystery is solving the case alongside the detective. I’ve always been a very analytical thinker, so this genre appeals to my thirst for knowledge. I also do tons of escape rooms and murder mystery type deals. We’ve cleared every escape room out of the nearly 30 I’ve done save for two (both which had broken clues). And for murder mysteries, I think there’s only one time I wasn’t right and that one was a very strange case indeed.

Writing mystery, however, is definitely not my strong point. I want to write a true mystery story some day, but it will be a lot of work. I run a murder mystery for a convention every year, and used to host murder mystery dinners, so I’m getting better at building up the case myself. I am still much better at solving something else someone made than making my own though.


Yes, I consider it a genre. I have always been somewhat interested in it, but it wasn’t until the Marvel movies started becoming a big thing (so, like Iron Man), that I jumped back into it. I’ve read tons of Marvel works, and even some DC now since then, plus watched lots of movies and tv shows on it. My favorite use of this genre though is looking at it in a more satirical or serious view, like One Punch Man or Tiger & Bunny. Just like with other genres, it has to have a very strong story and strong characters to keep me interested. I also enjoy those with very unique powers, or very limited ones. I don’t think I’ll ever write a superhero story myself, but who knows?


This one is another genre that is really hit or miss for me. Overall I love the concept of the supernatural. I love folklore, myths, and urban legends. Ghost stories have always appealed to me. In some vein, it’s not far off from the concepts in fantasy. I like works that explore the supernatural and cover creatures not normally covered. What I don’t like is ones that focus primarily around sex and borderline abusive relationships. I generally avoid anything shifter because of that, and even most vampire books. I’ve read a few here and there on both of those, but they were ones recommended to me by close friends who knew what I liked and what I didn’t. I think this shows pretty well in ‘The Archive of Sinners,’ considering I have a succubus as a main character and there is absolutely nothing that happens between her and the narrator Vere. Even when I went werewolves and talked about alphas, I went with the actual meaning of alpha, as opposed to the more “romantic” take on it.


Another hit or miss genre for me. Most of my favorite “horror” books or movies are actually more thriller/suspense than outright horror. I love well-thought up plots and strong build ups. I don’t mind gore, but there are too many stories that have gore for the sake of gore, not story. I’m not super big into the zombie genre, but I’ve seen variations that were done very well. And I love the Resident Evil games, plus games like Last of Us. A good story and strong characters will win me over with any genre. My big problem with zombie stories is they are usually very much the same and just a lot of gore with little plot. I’m not the type to get scared, so jump scares mean little to me (though watching my fiance jump is always hilarious). I enjoy stories where there is a sense of helplessness in it all. Where the characters do everything exactly right, but still end up in bad situations.

I honestly haven’t read a lot of horror. Mostly I watch Asian horror movies, and an occasional American one if I get it recommended. I have watched some horror series on Netflix as well.


My least favorite genre. I am the pickiest person in the world when it comes to romance. I’m sure for those who have read my work, you’ve noticed the very thin romance in them. It’s just not my thing. I like realistic relationships, so it’s okay if things move slow. I’m not into graphic sex scenes, and honestly prefer if there are none in a book/media entirely.

My main issue with romance is it usually moves too fast and is too unrealistic. When I do read romance, I tend to read slice-of-life and mostly yaoi (boy’s love). Even then, I’m super picky. I like cute, fluffy, realistic stories. I don’t mind some angst, but I avoid things like rape.


I…am horrible with comedy. In person, sometimes I can come up with the best one liners on the fly. But for writing…it always turns dark. I can write to break the tension, but I could never actually write full-out comedy, and honestly, I wouldn’t want to. Comedy is not a genre I usually touch. I don’t even favor comedy movies much. I’ll watch some minor rom-com depending, but I usually avoid things like that til someone who knows me recommends them. I abhor derogatory humor and potty humor. Comedy full of f-words and other obscenities doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I like smart humor and satire though. As a child, I really enjoyed watching reruns of Fraiser, The Nanny, and the Golden Girls. I do love to laugh, but I find most comedians very harsh in their takes and not very funny. I also do enjoy some spontaneous or slapstick comedy. I grew up with a father who was big into Monty Python and played a game for it we had on our Mac. So, it’s pretty hit or miss with comedy for me for sure.

And, I’ll end the post here. There are obviously tons of other genres to talk about as well. What are your favorite genres? Your least favorite?

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