Character Questionnaire: Vere

I plan on doing numerous challenges and the like relating to my current works as well as just for entirely originality, so I figured a character questionnaire was right in that zone. I’m going to use Vere, the narrator and main character in the Archive of Sinners series for this one today. I will try to keep it spoiler light!

I’ll be using this questionnaire I found online.

1.What would mentally destroy your character?

WELL, for those who read the book, that’s already been answered. For those who haven’t….Vere is usually emotionally distant from a lot of the characters, but all the same, those around him break down those walls. He values all of those around him and feels responsible when he is unable to protect them, even when there’s nothing he could have possibly done. The loss of any of those he’s particularly close with would break him.

2. How does your character feel about his mother and father?

Vere was very close to his father when he was alive. His father was mysteriously murdered when he was a child. That lead to his mother going a bit crazy and their relationship eventually souring. When he lost his mother, he left that old life behind as much as he could.

3. When did your character feel completely loved and accepted?

Ooh…that’s a good one. I’m going to try to avoid major spoilers, so I’ll leave this answer simple. He thought when he first met Thomas, however it was actually in book 4 when he finds the birthday present Thomas left for him under the bed.

4. What would have to happen to make your character speak out, or, defend a stranger, in public?

Vere isn’t the time to turn a blind eye to someone in trouble especially when he can actually help. He doesn’t like to draw attention to himself, so he would be more apt to ask Priti or Ken to handle it, but even alone, he’d find someway to help.

5. What does he lie about?

Vere isn’t the kind to outright lie about anything, but he does have his secrets. He’s honest when asked questions, but doesn’t offer a lot of information up front. He doesn’t talk much about his past at all, just of his time after he met Thomas. He does keep his emotions to himself, so if asked if he’s okay, he will always reply with “fine,” even if it’s not the case.

6. Does your character need friends?

Vere is the type who acts like he can do everything on his own and doesn’t need anything, but he really needs all the support and help he can get from his friends. He’s a bit broken, and his friends help keep him together.

7. What physical thing does your character fear most?

Vere has seen…a lot of terrifying things in his time working with the supernatural. Currently the thing, or rather the one, he fears the most is the demon that has been following him since childhood.

8. If your character could choose to spend his last day alive with one person (dead or alive), who would he choose?

His father. Vere has a lot of unresolved feelings over his father’s death and can’t help but feel responsible. Over the years, he’s come to accept it, but it’s not something anyone can get over easily. Being able to talk with his father and show his dad just how far he’s come would be all Vere needs.

9. What is his defining strength?

The obvious would be his psychic powers, but those around him would say it’s his gentle heart. He cares too deeply about others, and his empathic tendencies don’t help. But because of that, he’s able to find answers no one else could reach.

10. Is he able to work for someone else?

Well, he’s worked for Thomas (or more like with him) at Cain Investigations. He also works with the police occasionally, and of course, works for clients frequently. He honestly doesn’t feel confident to take charge most of the time so he’s completely fine working under someone else’s guidance, especially if they are an authority compared to him.

11. Does your character have a positive or negative body image?

Vere doesn’t particularly like much about him, especially at first. He isn’t fond of his height (though he grows a bit), or his permanent baby-face. He doesn’t hate himself to the point of mutilation or even disgust, but he doesn’t find himself attractive. He feels uncomfortable with a lot of himself at times, but he’s learning to accept himself as he’s accepted by those he cares about.

12. Who, or what, would your character die for?

Any of his friends. He would give his life in exchange for one of theirs without batting an eye. He would also be willing to sacrifice his life if it meant he was able to save even more lives.

13. Does your character have a plan for tomorrow? Next week? Next year?

His current plans are to just become a better detective. He’s training harder to be in control of his powers. He’s training to strengthen his mind and body as well, using more human methods. He just wants to better himself and be more prepared to face the challenges that lurk ahead. He wants to be strong enough to protect those around him, as they’ve protected him.

14. Is your character resilient enough to change?

Vere has proven this through the course of the story thus far. He can change and he will change. He has to change if he wants to be the person he wants to be.

15. What would your character think if he could see you now?

I used to have a lot of similarities with Vere when I was much younger, but nowadays, I’m a bit more like a toned down Priti, or even Emma. I think I would probably annoy him initially, but he’d grow on me. I’d like to think I’d have some interesting insight to offer, but more than likely, I’d just be that tagalong he wouldn’t be able to get rid of.

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