Old Story Idea: Harmony

Today I’m just going to talk a bit about a story idea that I’ve never really done much with. It got some updated art a few years back as part of my “Project Redraw,” where I was going through older characters and redrawing them. Harmony was one of those, so I’m going to post a picture and do a short blog post about it.

The basic premise of Harmony was set in a fantasy world where the world was dying due to extreme pollution and overpopulation, mostly caused by the humans and demons living there. Fae also exist and generally try to keep to themselves, but with major deforestation and loss of their homes, they have started to intermingle with the humans and demons just to keep living. The Fae show signs of pollution, as it starts to corrupt their magic and thus their appearance. Demons have been trying to hunt down the fae to keep the knowledge of the dying world from the humans, as they are trying to figure out their own way to stop the world from dying and don’t want the humans panicking. The demons can sense the magic of the world which is how they are aware of the damage, though they are unsure of just how to cope with it. The humans are more or less blissfully unaware, though just like in our reality, there are people trying to protect the environment in their own way.

The story follows the demon Kamui who is tasked to hunt fae and comes across the elf Rumina and the faerie Kei. He is smitten with Rumina and can’t bring himself to kill him, so instead sets him free. Kamui’s refusal to destroy the fae puts a bounty on his head, so he flees with Rumina and Kei. Over the course of the story, they try to do what they can to correct the polluted magic in areas, at the cost of both Rumina and Kei’s magic (and later on Kamui’s when he learns how to manage his magic in a similar manner). The blue on Rumina’s hair and the golden eye are signs of the pollution, and over the course of the story, it progressively gets worse. In Kei’s case, his pollution corruption is less, being the purple in his hair and on his wings. His wings take the brunt of the pollution damage during the story.

I don’t remember what the direct line of events was, but I know the ending wasn’t an very happy one. Kei had it the easiest, lol. I won’t spoil it here in case I ever intend to write it. But it was a very environmental-based story. Not sure what spawned it, but I loved drawing Rumina back in high school.

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