Summer’s Finally Here?

Wow, the temperatures here jumped up by nearly twenty degrees. We’ve reached the 80s today, almost 90s. It’s been so mild that it’s like now that June’s here, the weather has decided to shift.

Of course…not leaving my house much anymore, lol. Nice and cool in here. I talk about the weather a lot with a friend from Texas. Our weather can be quite similar, but mostly, her temperatures are generally higher. I found Texas more bearable even at the higher temperatures though, as they don’t have the same level of humidity we tend to get in the Chicago area.

There’s a lot of other things going on right now, just all over the world, but especially the US. I hope everything makes a difference, and people are able to win their fights. I hope no innocent person gets hurt. It’s sad how far things have progressed, but racism has always been a huge problem in the US. As a white woman, I’ll never be able to understand just how intense the pain they’ve all suffered through, but I’ll always try my best. Because #BlackLivesMatter, as they always have and should be treated as such. ALL minorities matter, not just white people. I hope peace returns to this dark time, but with a victorious movement at its side.

And of course, COVID is still running rampant. I always wear a mask when I go out, but so many people are not anymore. As someone with autoimmune, I have to be extremely careful. I have asthma, so wearing a mask for too long can be difficult, but I wear it for an hour during physical therapy and am doing okay with it for now. And cases are spiking again as precautions have been removed, sometimes forcibly, on a federal level. There’s only so much one person can do to stay safe.

It’s a pretty troubling time all around. I lost my job due to the place having to close with the COVID restrictions, but I’m finding more time to work on projects in the meantime. I’ve been doing a lot of custom work which I prefer to working at a print shop anyways. I try not to let things get me down, but we all have our days.

We are definitely in an era of change. I hope it tips in the right direction.

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