The Archive of Sinners: Sloth ARC

The Archive of Sinners: Sloth first draft is finished, and second draft is already slinking over to the editor. In the meantime, you can get yourself an ARC of my latest book! Get a chance to read and review it before the release date. All those who submit a review within a month of receiving the file will be entered to win one of 5 physical copy of the book on release . All reviews must be posted by February 28th to be eligible. If there are more than twenty reviews, the number of physical books will increase.

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The Cover art has been revealed! Check out the spooky cover for this book.

Front cover for the Archive of Sinners: Sloth.

“In the burning summer heat, Chicago is plagued with a string of gruesome murders. The corpses turn up mangled, their skins entirely stripped off. The cases are months apart, and the only thing the victims have in common is their ghastly demise. There are no leads, no hints, no trace of the killer left behind. And without a client, Cain Investigations is forced to sit on the sidelines.

When another body washes up along Lake Michigan, and Detectives McKinley and Vargas are assigned the case. As they dig deeper, McKinley starts to fear for her life. She hires Vere Cain and Cain Investigations to get to the bottom of these murders before she becomes the next victim.”

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