My review of The Invisible Investigation by Lionel Touzellier.

I was gifted this book to read and review. To be honest, while I was aware that there were conspiracies regarding the Kennedy assassination, there was a lot of information I was missing, so I quite enjoyed that this book was well cited and allowed for me to verify information and come to a better understand on my own. It’s also not my usual style of book, but it was surprisingly an interesting read. I enjoyed it overall, and the steps of the investigation were compelling and believable. I didn’t quite connect well to either of the main characters, but I didn’t dislike them, and I found myself wanting to know more about them and their motivations (especially Mandley). There were times I felt Mandley took a back seat to Wang, and that she was almost too powerful, but she had weaknesses, and they generally balanced out in the following scenes. I also understood why the focus was more on her investigation, as it was easier to follow without having to know a plethora of scientific jargon and methods. I was a little confused at times with who was against the investigations, and I feel there were some loose ends when it finally came to a close. The story overall was well paced, laced with action, but also offered for character development. I wasn’t quite satisfied with the ending of the investigation, it felt a bit rushed and rather anticlimactic. I did love the overall ending of the book though, and was glad to see the two of them beginning a new, much more personal, investigation. If you are a fan of American history and mystery, I would recommend it.

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