Auditioning for Archive of Sinners Promo

I am looking to find someone to do the narration for a book promo, for one of my books “The Archive of Sinners: Lust.”  Very limited budget for the first promo, which will only be 1.5 minutes long and does not have the narration during the entirety of it.  If the first one goes over well, I will have 6 additional book promos to make with the same narrator in the future. (and possibly audio books down the line)

The narrator is the main character, Vere.  Vere is a young man (think late teenage-early twenties range), with a sort of androgynous-sounding voice.

(You can read a short excerpt from Lust on my website, as part of the sampler in the books section of my site)


Here are lines for auditioning:

-(shouting) “THOMAS!”

-“My name is Vere (ve-re) Cain.  Here at Cain Investigations, we take on any case, big or small…even when it turns to the supernatural.”

-(suspicious) “Just who are you? Are you even human?”

-(strained) “What do I desire? There’s nothing I want! I have everything I need!”

-(scared) “No…Ken…! You can fight this!”

-(annoyed) “Priti (pri-ti), keep me out of your sick fantasies.”

-(upset) “Missy…we’ve got to find Missy! If anything happens to her, I…!”

-(angry) “You’ll pay for what you’ve done!”

-(happy) “No, thank you.  I’m glad to call you my friend.”

-(confused) “…you need me to come to the crime scene?”

Auditions can be e-mailed to, or done over Skype.

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