Bookstore Up-to-Date

The bookstore section is finally updated to include both Kappa to Ieba… vol 2 and The Archive of Sinners: Wrath! AoS: Wrath is also available for purchase on Amazon, in both paperback and ebook form. By buying books through me directly, you will get your book signed PLUS a bit of a discount.

Also, the book page is now up-to-date, and I’ve fixed the formatting a bit to make it look cleaner. I’m hoping to redo the entire website’s design over the next few months, so it may change again.  I’ve updated all of the links for the graphic novels to reflect the shop on this page versus the IndyPlanet store due to their slow updating times to items in their stores, plus it just makes shopping for them that much easier.

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Latest Release

Zos Kias, Volume 13. The next installment in the ongoing webcomic. Working together with witches and vampires, Zos Kias faces their toughest foes yet!