Review of Chronicles of Shannara

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, this will not be spoiler free. So, heads up! SPOILER WARNING!

I have been looking forward to this release since I first heard about it getting brought to TV. I have been watching all of the trailers, and following all of the news. I admit, I had pretty high expectations for this, sooo, it didn’t help it any. Also, I reread the book summer of 2015 before GenCon (so I could get it signed plus get prepped for the series).

Initial impressions: Daamn is it beautiful. I never really had a set image of some of the places in my head, but the Ellcrys is exactly what I imagined, and Aborlon is beyond gorgeous. I want to visit! The cast was really well planned out, and the costumes and makeup are perfect. Also, they got a plus for actually making their elves have elf ears (sorry, Eragorn is never going to live that down).

Watching the First episode-

I am still a bit…stunned, I guess, that they did the big reveal of the world being in our world after like apocalypse devastation, but that didn’t really bother me too much. BUT, it was pretty easy to see the story was straying from the books…starting with the Chosen. Now, don’t get me wrong, having them race is an interesting concept, but being a Chosen was a much…different. The tree CHOSE the Chosen. Everyone, female or male, that was of a certain age got tested once a year. It just happened that Amberle that year was chosen, one of the few females ever in history to be chosen as such. So, the responsibility was moreso sprung on her rather than a choice.  Of course, she was happy with it early on regardless, although yes, Ellcrys sending her dark and disturbing thoughts was enough to make her run.  It’s interesting to see Lauren get more screentime, too. I was always curious about his character, so I liked getting to see more about him. The Ellcrys dying is sad, even visually. Was Ander really that much of a playboy, lol? Well, I know he mellows. He is my fave Elessedil of all time.

Next up, is Wil…starting back at his mother’s death. Okay, that’s not bad. Especially since they started with Amberle being Chosen. So, timeline wise makes sense. But, in the book, he already started out as training with the gnome healers. But now he’s gonna go see them. Also, okay, but weirdly time. Flick made it in a bit early cause of that. It was after that, things got weird…my fave character of the main cast, Eretria, shows up THAT early to save Wil? Their meeting as a whole wasn’t that different between the two, but it was waaay too early. Everything about their meeting, including stealing the Elfstones was in sync though, so I guess I can deal. Having her meet up with Amberle as well after that was really weird, too. But, there were also bits and pieces from their first meeting as well.

Allanon I honestly didn’t have any problems with. I thought he was well done, even though I was used to imagining him wearing a cowl. Benett’s voice and even the way he carries himself just seem perfect to me. Druid Keep is completely different than what I imagined, but not a bad thing. It was pretty cool, actually.

Dagda Mor and the whole concept of the Forbidding was well done.They did a good job of portraying it as a sorta survival of the fittest world. Creepy and merciless. Buuut, then they revealed Manx so early. I thought they’d hide it longer, like they did in the books.

Final thoughts-

I am not super happy with some of the changes they’ve made to the actual story. It’s also moving pretty fast, and kind of jumping around. Not thrilled by that, either, but all in all, I feel like they are adjusting it for a different time and a different audience. I think when more of it has been laid out in front of me, it will be easier to take it all.

The cast and characters are well portrayed. Allanon and King Elessedil are very powerful figures. I love how young Wil seems, and I am looking forward to seeing his growth. I’m hoping Amberle ends up being easier to bear with than in the books (wasn’t a huge fan of hers). Eretria is spot on her early times. Can’t wait to see her mellow, too. Ander is the one I want to see the most development with, but I know in the books it was later on, so I will wait.

Beautiful effects and scenery. I’m happy they went all out on it.

Regardless, you  bet I will be watching every single episode as it airs and fangirling over it with my mother (the one who got me to read Brooks works in the first place).


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