Archive of Sinners: SlothZos Kias Volume 12Illustration

Archive of Sinners: Sloth

In the burning summer heat, Chicago is plagued with a string of gruesome murders. The cases are weeks apart, and the only thing the victims have in common is their ghastly demise.

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Zos Kias Volume 12

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Digital or traditional illustration. Custom artwork and design.

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The Archive of Sinners 1: Lust





“In their tiny Chicago-land office, Vere and his partner Thomas take any case big or small, and will do anything to see it solved. A woman hires them to find out the truth behind her boyfriend’s sudden illness, but when their case takes a turn towards the supernatural, they might not be enough.

When Thomas falls prey to their mysterious attacker, things only get worse. Armed with minimal knowledge and left to fend for himself, Vere’s in for the ride of his life. He might have found help, but his new partner is a creature of nightmares herself – a Succubus.”

The Archive of Sinners, book 1. 490 pages.


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Samples of design work done in the past.

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Examples of illustrated artwork, both digital and some traditional mediums.

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If you are interested in hiring me for a project or job, here is some information! Design Rates: $20/hr Includes: Logo, flyers, business cards, newsletters, brochures Does NOT include: webdesign […]

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