Archive of Sinners: WrathKappa to IebaIllustration

Archive of Sinners: Wrath

Cain Investigations is broken. Vere is ensnared by his grief, and cases are the last thing on his mind. An unexpected call from the police draws him back in when Mrs. Johnson, a frequent client, is found murdered. As Vere steps into her life, he discovers a side of her he never knew. And, on top of everything else, her dog is missing.

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Kappa to Ieba

Kappa to Ieba... volume 2 is finally released! Join in a world of Japanese mythology as they make their own story a legend!

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Digital or traditional illustration. Custom artwork and design.

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Fall of the Dragon 3: Into the Fading Twilight


Fall of the Dragon trilogy, book 3



“When the land falls to dark times, the Phoenix Princess Ambrosia finds hope with a vision of her own. She leads Faun and her allies into the West, hoping to track down the ever growing darkness. While they head into danger, Amren and Abaou Qu are freed from their magical prison. Abaou Qu and the dragon are finally ready to act, and even with Amren and Anya at their side, it may not be enough to save them.”

Fall of the Dragon Trilogy, book 3. 566 pages.


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Samples of design work done in the past.

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Examples of illustrated artwork, both digital and some traditional mediums.

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If you are interested in hiring me for a project or job, here is some information! Design Rates: $20/hr Includes: Logo, flyers, business cards, newsletters, brochures Does NOT include: webdesign […]

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